'Rock Shock 'em, drop 'em!'

Each $ROCKS trade will ROCK SHOCK 'em, so the CA can drop 'em $ROCK to your wallet. The first token on Bitrock Blockchain to distribute $ROCK dividends!



Supply: 1,000,000

Liquidity Pool - 90% Burnt

TEAM - 10%

3% CA Dev, 3% Liquidity Provider,2% Socials,2% Website


BUY / SELL / TRANSFER are all set to 10% = 1% LP + 1% NFT Dev 8% Dividends

Dividend $ROCK

Distributed in $ROCK the RockSwap DEX token.


CA: 0x790FD268216857225061E59c54fD0BBF8b7845b0

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why build on Bitrock Blockchain?

1. Ethereum IBFT 2.0 Proof of Authority (PoA) side chain
2. Near-zero native gas fees
3. Lightning speed block times
4. Cost-effective, scalable, and high-speed infrastructure
5. Unique multichain (DEX) swap feature
6. Direct trading of cryptocurrencies on their native chains
7. No need for DEX's native to those chains
8. No requirement to hold native chain tokens
9. No need to pay gas fees in those native tokens
Gas fees equalized. from other chains and paid in native Bitrock

02. Why distribute dividends in $ROCK?

$ROCK serves as the essential fuel for Bitrock's DEX, RockSwap, embodying a unique deflationary token model. With each transaction, a burn fee is applied, gradually reducing the token supply over time. Consequently, engaging in $ROCKS trades not only rewards participants with more $ROCK tokens but also contributes to the incremental appreciation of their $ROCK holdings. This deflationary mechanism ensures that the value of $ROCK increases over time, offering users a sustainable and potentially lucrative investment opportunity within the Bitrock ecosystem.

03. How to buy?
1. Purchase $BROCK (The Bitrock blockchain native token on Uniswap, NEXC, Bitget or Bitmart.
2. Bridge your tokens using the Bitrock Bridge: https://bridge.bit-rock.io/
3 Add the Bitrock Mainet to your wallet: https://chainlist.org/chain/7171
4. Swap your tokens for $ROCKS by importing our CA: 0x790FD268216857225061E59c54fD0BBF8b7845b0
04. When are dividends distributed?
Dividend Distribution Conditions:

Token Pooling: The Contract Address (CA) must accumulate a pool of 3000 $ROCKS tokens, representing 0.3% of the total supply.

Time Elapse: A minimum of 30 minutes must pass after the pooling threshold is reached.

Market Activity Trigger: Distribution is triggered by a sell transaction on the DEX. Regardless of how many tokens are pooled, distributions will only occur following a sell.

Road Map

  • April 2024


    Publish a comprehensive whitepaper that details tokenomics, project direction and dividend $ROCK drops.

  • May - June 2024

    Establish Socials

    Grow our community:
    1. Telegram > 100 Members
    2. X / Twitter > 100 Members

  • May 2024

    Whitelist on RockSwap

    Promote community engagement to attract long term investors.
    1. Buy Competitions
    2. Burn Events
    3. Collaborations

  • June - August 2024

    Marketing Campaigns

    Strategic Marketing plan to drive awareness and increase holders to foster a strong community.

  • July 2024

    Coin Gecko Listing

    Drive growth to fulfill Coin Gecko listing criteria.